Recent burn, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Ontario

Canada is a vast country with a rich natural heritage. Our wilderness, varied ecosystems and diversity of wildlife make us the envy of many other countries where such features have been lost.

However, all is not well. Ecosystems across the country are being damaged or destroyed by rampant development and pollution. As a result, there is a growing list of species at risk as wildlife habitat becomes more degraded and fragmented. The cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that are needed to address climate change are not being made.

OUR MISSION: To promote the protection and restoration of fully-functioning ecosystems.
OUR PROGRAM: There are a number of fundamental reasons why ecosystems and wildlife in Canada are threatened. They include governments that pay only lip service to the environment and are not responsive to public concerns, inadequate systems of protected areas, an antiquated energy regime based on fossil fuels, and an economic system that is focused on perpetual growth rather than environmental sustainability. Hence, our projects to protect and restore ecosystems fall under the following broad categories.

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