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The Challenge

Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba  
The modern environmental movement in Canada arose in the 1960's. However, despite fifty years of action by environmentalists and conservationists, and a growing awareness among the public of environmental issues, every major indicator of the Earth's health continues to decline at an alarming rate. Natural ecosystems are being lost or fragmented, and biodiversity is in steep decline. Since the 1980's, a direct link has been made between greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuels and climate change. Yet Canada has failed to meet its international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and remains one of the worst per capita emitters in the world.


Addressing these urgent problems will require that:


(a) the Canadian public become more informed about environmental issues and more active in protecting the natural world.

(b) our governments reflect the wishes of the Canadian public, which has shown a high level of support for strong environmental regulations.

(c) our economic system is restructured to ensure environmental sustainability.